ghost tongues

by cum angel

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released January 5, 2015



all rights reserved


cum angel Michigan

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Track Name: tonight
tonight theres something wild in the stars and your eyes. oh my god have i ever been this alive, your hand in mine, running from something it took all our lives to find, the air so black and thick we almost drown, headlights so bright we cant see, a life beating in our chests that makes no sound?
Track Name: cold
my god is the cherry on your cigarette and i am to be breathed in. let me spiral away and dissolve into aether. burn my forearms. burn my lips. your touch ran cold from thigh to thigh and i dont know which way you lie coiled up under the covers never to strike or whether youre hiding from me or yourself and i dont care as long as im at home in your pink virgin lungs. one red spark in ash is my god born new between thigh and thigh.
Track Name: wet
the yellow light scrapes my eyes and burns my skin. i cant feel time and your pink sheets are wet but lets turn out the lights and hold each other on your cum stained sheets where years pass in one night. lets kiss and dream in each others wet eyes. the yellow lights are roaring in my ears. i just want to throb under the covers with you for years in a night.
Track Name: high
im so high on your touch your voice pills and your cum and between highs youre all thats on my mind
Track Name: white
every day feels like yesterday except that time. on that special day i like to look away from the sea and find it. looking at all that rain around my neck i came. to my room and lied on a bed. never find.